Unleashing The Magic Behind Wizkid’s Essence


Unleashing the Magic of Wizkid’s Essence is a comprehensive exploration of the phenomenon that the hit song "Essence" by Nigerian music superstar Wizkid has become. ‘Essence,’ the penultimate track of Wizkid’s much-praised fourth studio album ‘Made in Lagos,’ has opened a new page in the story of Afrobeats’ global penetration.

Background of Wizkid

Widely recognized as one of the pioneers of modern Afrobeats, Wizkid, real name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, has consistently transcended borders, pushing the Afrobeat genre to unprecedented heights. The Lagos-born hit-maker’s consistency and determination to represent his roots have won over audiences worldwide. An essential ingredient to his global recognition is the massive success of the record-breaking track, ‘Essence.’

The Creation of Essence

Essence is a perfect blend of Afrobeat rhythm, dancehall influences, and contemporary R&B. The track, graced with the soothing vocals of Nigerian singer Tems, is a musical embodiment of African creativity.

Upon its release, it was apparent that ‘Essence’ was more than just another track on the album. Its sound – an Afro-fusion with a mellow rhythm and a ‘sticky’ hook, invoked a feeling of musical satisfaction. The critical and commercial reception of ‘Essence’ turned the focus of the entertainment industry towards Wizkid, boosting his already rising profile.

The Impact and Influence of Essence

‘Essence’ has achieved considerable commercial and critical success, making it a cultural phenomenon in the music industry. The song’s global appeal transcends geographical boundaries, with various international artists making their renditions and covers. From the streets of Lagos to the highways of Los Angeles, Wizkid’s magic tune has serenaded the airwaves.

The genius of ‘Essence’ lies in its simplicity yet richness, it relays a lifestyle of happiness and fulfillment narrated with an African touch. Its melody, rhythm, and lyrics resonate with a broad audience, significantly influencing the perception of Afrobeat music worldwide.

Wizkid and Tems: A Classic Collaboration

Singer-songwriter Tems, with her soulful voice and expressive lyrics, added a pinch of magic to ‘Essence.’ Wizkid and Tems delivered one of the most successful collaborations in recent history. The chemistry between them, apparent in the lyrical content and visual representation, resulted in a classic record.

Chart-Topping Success of Essence

‘Essence’ symbolizes the chart-topping success that Wizkid has achieved. From the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States to the Official Singles Chart in the UK, ‘Essence’ has dominated top spots. More than a chart-topper, ‘Essence’ has opened opportunities for the proliferation of Afrobeat in mainstream media.

Conclusion: Wizkid’s Essence – A Masterpiece

Indeed, ‘Essence’ represents a pacesetter for Afrobeat. Wizkid’s creative genius and Tems’ melodious input have created a timeless masterpiece. The global acceptance and wave it has brought about will, undoubtedly, not fade soon. Wizkid’s Essence has undeniably brought about a new dawn in the Afrobeat genre, proving that music is a universal language and that good music knows no barriers.

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